2008 Underground Music Award Recipient Nicki Minaj was named the most 
influential female rapper of all time (NY-TIMES). A few years later KLJN 107.7 partner and Christian National Songwriter and Singer Angel Sessions is nominated for the Underground Music Awards Most Promising Artist. Simply click the banner below to cast your vote and support Angel Sessions.

LadyJaz The Entertainer (Founder and Executive Producer at KLJN Broadcasting) we congratulate you for receiving the 2014 Sounds of Soul Female Gospel Artist of the Year Award!

LadyJaz is an accomplished musician, media personality and talk radio host who takes listeners inside people's lives as they confront the hard topics related to relationships and family.

Listen to the Red Carpet Interview Leading up to her big night. (KLJN Marketing Executive, Myron Norman interviews Special Guest LadJaz The Entertainer).