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LadyJaz The Entertainer (Founder and Executive Producer at KLJN Broadcasting) we congratulate you for receiving the 2014 Sounds of Soul Female Gospel Artist of the Year Award!

LadyJaz is an accomplished musician, media personality and talk radio host who takes listeners inside people's lives as they confront the hard topics related to relationships and family.

Listen to the Red Carpet Interview Leading up to her big night. (KLJN Marketing Executive, Myron Norman interviews Special Guest LadJaz The Entertainer).


Hi and welcome to my page--The Lady Jaz Live page. I am so excited about the growth of KLJN Broadcasting, The Lady Jaz Live Show and Love and Relationships--one of the fastest growing groups on Facebook.

Here are some of the most talked about shows from the Lady Jaz Live Show. Thanks for your support and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about future topics and shows.

Lady Jaz This Week: My body is weak and it makes me uncomfortable. Millions of people everyday face the vulnerability of health related issues. Often these issues can affect how we receive and even give love. Join The Lady Jaz Live as we confront the difficult topic of health and love.
Wednesday 10PM EST/7PM PST

Last weeks show: "Leave That Mama's Boy With His Mama" 
Special Guest: Gregory Backmon

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Baby we're broke--get a real job!
Join LadyJaz as she visits the discussion of a woman's letter to Lady Jaz regarding her husbands unwillingness to acknowledge that his full time involvement in recording studios and rehearsing with his band has brought a hardship on the family. How can we get him to understand that his family's needs should come first, and that it's time to make a decision.
We're Through! Give Me Back My Stuff. It's over! The relationship has come to a screaching hault and the wounds are still fresh. Will you stick around to divide shared property? If so how? Join Lady Jaz for another real discussion about claiming your stuff.

We Had Sex But I Feel Alone: Almost 40 percent of American couples experience loneliness despite having active sex lives. How do individuals cope after surrendering their bodies sexually only to experience shame, guilt and feelings of even rape.

What Part of No Do you Not Understand? How does one respond to the overly eager and seemingly desperate ones who don't accept no for an answer? Special guest, Bishop Don "Magic" Juan

The Friend Zone--Where Does it Start and End? What challenges do friends face when it comes to taking the extra step? You might be surprised to learn what members of Love and Relationships are saying.

Dominating Women--and the Men That Tolerate Them: How do men respond to "bossy" women? Do overly controlling women hurt in ways that are often unseen? Let's talk about the challenges men face loving women that crave control.

Single and Over 50: Dating after divorce, death or just a long slump can seem overwhelming. Especially for the more mature crowd. Tonight Lady Jaz shares tips on how the 50 and up crowd can bounce back.

Single--But Not Available: Is being single the new "I'm not interested" for many women today? Is it possible for a single woman to overly embrace her singleness--to the point she pushes men away? LayJaz confronts the conflict of being a single woman.

I forgive you--But I'm not coming back: Almost everyone has been hurt by the actions or words of a loved one. Often these wounds leave us battling feelings of anger, bitterness and vengeance--however, when we forgive, what does that mean for the ones who hurt us. Most importantly, what does that mean for us?

Are you marriage material: Often people pray for a mate but are they really ready? How does one really know if they are ready for that next step in a relationship? You might be surprised to learn what others are saying about your own readiness.

Jumping to Conclusions: When is it a good time to "jump to conclusions" about your relationship? Tonight we'll discuss the pros and cons of jumping to fast.

Speed Bumps in Your Relationship: Road signs and speed bumps alert drivers of potential hazards and threats. But what do these signs mean when applied to relationships? Lady Jaz discusses the bumps of what is meant to be and what's not.

When The Smoke Clears: After a few months of hot and steamy times in your relationship--things have began to slow down. The rose colored glasses have come off and the thrill is gone. But what now?